About the author

First of all, welcome to my website! My name is Emily (although most of my friends call me Milly or Snow, so take your pick), and this is my slightly more organised web-space for keeping track of projects and creative work. I’m a 26 y/o artist, photographer and blogger.


I’m based in South London, UK and I’m currently Working as a barista and well as an artist and photographer.

Things I post here will include DSLR photography (I have been photo/travel blogging since 2014, but I’m still fairly new to my DSLR, so hopefully there will be some visible improvement) portraiture and sketching, and expressionist painting.

There are links to my other social media throughout this site, but I especially recommend following my Instagram and/or Twitter pages for regular updates and news for my latest projects.
Don’t forget to check out my blog posts and send me a message if you have any questions!