St James Park, London.

This series is from a day at St James Park, London.
The park is one of the best spots for wildlife in central London. The birds and squirrels will happily eat out of your hands and although they can be quick and jumpy, they are easily captured by the novice wildlife photographer. I headed down there on a sunny day with my DSLR and a bag of unsalted cashews, and captured some of my best shots yet.
One of the bonus highlights was the pigeons. Although a lot of Londoners have a dislike for the “rats with wings” (I never understood this either, rats are adorable) the pigeons are very friendly birds, and cute up close with bright orange eyes and varied colours and patterns. In St James park they will comfortably perch on your arms and shoulders while you feed them. The squirrels are a little more shy, mostly hiding in bushes and trees, darting out at the promise of a few nuts and approaching you with caution before placing their front paws on your palm as they pick up their reward, and then scamper off a few feet to eat peacefully. The waterbirds are great as well, On previous trips I have seen groups of ducklings and an endangered white-headed duck paddling around in the rivers, but unfortunately that was before I bought my DSLR. I’ll definitely be heading back to the park in the future.


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