Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

This series is from a  day I spent selfishly aiming my camera around at Kew while my lovely boyfriend was trying to romance me. I’m a bit obsessive with my hobbies, but he seems to think it’s attractive. I wonder if he will get sick of it eventually (but probably not, he is an anti-social serial-reader and we are quite good at enabling each other.)
I wanted to capture it exactly as it was: beautiful to a point of almost seeming surreal. Misty but sharp, high-contrast and colourful, like a living dream.
I recently learned that my grandfather, who was also an artist, and recently passed away, proposed to my grandma at the Royal Botanic Gardens. It definitely has a romantic appeal. Walking through the greenhouses is like walking around all the most interesting bits and pieces of nature without actually travelling to the several other countries/climates they are native to, and it would be a great place to bring a sketchbook (notes for next time). They also serve beer in the restaurant, which is a nice little bonus.
Foot note: I’d love to have my own greenhouse one day but I would probably become a recluse, so I’ll have to find more of these places to visit.


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