Heatwave Graves

This series was taken over the course of a day in a heatwave when I was feeling particularly existential. It actually started with a bus trip that I take every day past the Tooting war memorial. From the first glimpse of the place I was intrigued. I have a bit of a fondness for graveyards, there’s something a bit weird to me about planting people in the ground under stone anchors (It always reminds me of a song by Regina Spektor where, she brings up in a strange objective way how we plant people in the ground and they won’t sprout back up no matter how much it rains or shines). I guess it’s one of those odd things that reminds me of our collective humanity and mortality. Burying the dead as an act of returning each individual to the earth, one final act of respect that equals us all in a world where people strive daily to better one another in every aspect.
This day trip was also a pretty cool example of finding great days out on your own doorstop. I guess we mostly don’t think about what adventures might be hidden behind a row of houses on a daily bus route, or what beauty might be found in a small, overgrown local park or graveyard.
Anyway, I thought I’d do a little earthy series of shots playing on some of the themes Tooting war memorial and the surrounding areas reminded me of (life, death, nature, dreaminess and nostalgia), and also visited another pair of graveyards closer to my home.


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